Pick Your Unique Bid Day Themes

Pick Your Unique Bid Day Themes

Bid day is the grand finale of recruiting week, marking the end of the recruitment process. On this special day, members will discover their new home. To celebrate new members, each sorority house selects a bid day theme well in advance, keeping it top secret until the big day arrives.

Picking out the perfect theme is really important to make the day remarkable. Need inspiration for the themes? To save your time scrolling through pages and pages websites on the Internet, we compiled the following themes for you. 


1. Barbie

Becoming a Barbie has been the dream of many girls. Since the release of the 'Barbie' movie last year, the theme has become more popular than ever. Imagine your chapter decked out in pink on bid day, with glamorous decorations and activities inspired by Barbie's iconic style. Think pink balloons, shimmering backdrops, and all the glitz and glamor that embodies the Barbie brand. It will all look good on pictures!

Barbie is ready for the party! Get your party started and make your bid day unforgettable!

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2. Cowgirl Theme

Let’s embrace our cowgirl spirit! Cowgirl fashion has become increasingly popular as a beloved trend, evolving into a modernized style that captures the essence of western charm. Start cultivating your cowgirl vibe by having iconic elements like cowboy hats into your merchandise and embracing rustic, yet chic, accessories that reflect this timeless aesthetic.


3. Fall Festival

As fall approaches, using the season as the theme is a good way to go. With the “Fall Festival” theme, you'll create a memorable bid day that celebrates the beauty of the season and the excitement of welcoming new sisters into the chapter.

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4. Sweet Home

To welcome new girls joining the family, “Sweet Home” is a good option. The theme exudes warmth, comfort, and a sense of belonging, making it perfect for such a special occasion. Flowers and butterflies are good elements to create an inviting atmosphere. 

You can also host homy events, such as DIY flower bouquets, organizing a delicious tea party, setting up a photo booth with a garden backdrop. Ending the day by giving new members a tote bag is a thoughtful touch that will leave a lasting impression


5. Heart

You can never go wrong with the “Heart” theme. This theme not only celebrates the new bonds formed but also emphasizes the love and unity that define your sisterhood. To create a loving environment, decorate the scene with heart-shaped decorations, give out heartfelt gifts, and host warm, loving activities.

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6. Beach Day

Give your bid day a wave of excitement with a fun and refreshing beach theme. Embrace the summer vibes for your special celebration.This theme will give your chapter a stress-free start, setting a relaxed and joyful tone for the new beginnings.

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7. Good Time

Bid day should be a special day to celebrate friendship, fun, and a new beginning. Bringing fun, laughter, and joy to your bid day by using “Good Time” as your theme. The theme showcases the vibrant sisterhood and lively environment in the house. Use the theme to welcome your new littles!


8. Neon 

Let the night begin with the “Neon” theme! The theme fills the bid day with vibrant colors, and glowing decorations. By wearing fluorescent color shirts, having glowing LED glasses and neon light sign on, you can illuminate the night and create an unforgettable celebration!

Go to our design gallery and Pinterest board for more bid day design inspirations!


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