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We cut off all the middlemen

Why is Merch Pier so affordable?

Did you know that the typical custom merch goes through at least 4 layers of companies before getting into your hands?

We cut out all the middle man (yes, think DTC like Warby Parker, but for custom merch), so that you can enjoy price and quality!

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Customization process

The power is in your hands - whether you want to create your own design or choose from our design gallery, we're here to help you bring your vision to life!

Tired of your current merch vendor?

  • Your friends complain about the quality and price
  • Their selection is super limited
  • You pay extra for everything and the prices comes out much higher than what you see promoted
Custom Apparel
Thermal Print

We have made custom merch better!

  • Our apparel is high quality to touch, and washer / dryer friendly
  • We use digital printing that keeps the logos in place
  • We source directly from the factories and skip all the middlemen so you can enjoy quality and price
  • We're expanding product selections everyday - All our products were suggested by our customers!
Send us an email if you'd like to see something added